During the holiday break I worked on a little project for fun, but it turned into something more. I had an idea to make coffee themed cookie cutters and ultimately I used these to make cookies at a bake sale fund raiser. Also, some of the companies reached out and asked if they could get one of the cookie cutters and even shared the rendered image.

A lot of work goes into photography, social media graphics, and even mockups that get used for campaigns. I love that Dimension has combined some of the best parts of that and allowed designers to quickly make something that companies want to share. Follow along below for some process pictures and some insight the process.
Coffee equipment in simple but technical illustration. I had originally thought of doing an offset outline and the entire design would be pressed into the cookies.
A render of some of the cookie cutters in Dimension with festive colors.
Here I added some rough faux cookies with a simple cookie texture. At this angle they read as cookies... I think.
Video of the Baratza grinder cookie cutters after being 3d printed.
In the end the process of taking 2d designs in Illustrator, taking them in to a 3d software, then rendering them in a scene in Dimension was pretty effortless. A couple things I learned are that people tend to recognize the shape of something so the internal details on the cutters weren't always helpful (and sometimes the dough got stuck in the smaller cavities). All things considered, if you have Adobe CC and access to a 3d printer why not try a project like this!

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