A group of laid-off baristas (myself included) did various projects during the pandemic to raise funds for all sorts of causes. During the 2020 holiday season we released a coffee through Marcell to raise funds for farms affected by the flooding in Honduras.

I had to come up with the design quick and my friend had just got a risograph printer so I decided I would use that. Her printer didn't have certain inks so that limited the color choices. I wanted to use blue for sure since the Honduras flag is blue and white. I went with a stylistic quilt-work of vignettes of the coffee growing/harvesting process.
Mood board / inspiration - In specialty coffee the graphic language used to show the farmer is often a hand holding coffee. It personalizes the commodity and reminds us that there is someone literally picking coffee cherries for us to have coffee. Since this project was to support them I wanted to have some human element.
To promote the project on social media I made a quick slider post for Instagram using some of the same assets.

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