This is a fun rebrand I did for a class project using an existing local restaurant, Pho Good. The existing brand was super simple with a slab serif font and bowl of pho for a logo. The colors were originally just white and blue (harkening to the simple bowls you might find a pho spot), but it didn't capture the vibrancy of flavor, focus on raw/natural ingredients, and didn't do much to help unpack the flavors you'd experience in each dish.

I started by doing some research because I didn't want it to be too associated with ramen or pad Thai (the two closest noodle competitors). Here' you can check out my Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas. All COB images used are from Unsplash.
I doodled some fun versions of the menu items to use for instruction but also to fill space in branding.
I did both a physical mock-up and digital one using Dimension. The organization on the menu combined with the illustrations helps guide the guest through the different types of meals. Also, it's printed on a paper that is sealed and can be sanitized without needing to be laminated - saving on money while still thinking about the safety of the guests.

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